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Kabin is a short experiment in making a horror game, I recently finished working on a project for several months and had a few weeks left before halloween so decided to see what I could make in that time.

I tried to play with light and shadows as the main theme.

Some Basic Controls:

-Use Lighter to Illuminate, Ignite Candles and Torches. There is only light, where YOU put it!

-Most Items can be extended away while holding by 'Left Clicking'

-Items interact by touch! eg to Light a Candle, touch it to a flame or touch a flame to it!

-'E' Key to interact eg Open Doors/Chests

Hope you enjoy.

Tested on:

Minimum Recommended Settings (High/Medium)

-intel core i3 dual core 2.5ghz, 8gb Ram, Integrated intel Hd 520 Graphics

Dev Machine: (Ultra)

-Amd quad core 3.5ghz, 16gb Ram, GTX 1050ti 4gb discrete GPU

Changelog 31/10/18 v0.0.9

-Updated Lighting Cull distance to improve frame rate with multiple lights active
-keys now go into locks when unlocking doors
-added more scene decoration and dioaramas
-updated settings menu
-added ability to quit game from settings
-can skip intro now with space bar
-update settings menu artwork with a more halloweeny theme
-added wall torch to main room to reduce reliance on candles
-increased candle and zippo burn time
-adjusted lighting bounds of all dynmic lights
-added new obstacles to take advantage of the new 'cutting' mechanic
-made ALL knives, even ones embedded in wall, pick-up-able.
-updated intro video, new audio and imagery
-added artificial glint to lighter when dropped with lid closed to make it easier to find in the dark
-fixed crowbar so it no longer 'floats' to the ground

v0.0.8 Changelog

Changelog 30/10/18

-Revamped lighting colours, reduced intensity of flicker, move from event tick to timer based to improve frame rate
-made removing nails faster
-added more scene decoration
-adjusted rates at which candles and lighter deplete
-added new gameplay and puzzles
-added new useable items -updated textures and materials
-numerous small bug fixes

v0.0.7 Optimization Update Changelog:

-Following Lets Play by ProofReadFire
    -Halved the dynamic lighting (Torches now use pre baked lighting, reduced light count in lighter and candles from two
    point lights each to a single light, instead of two flicker colours each light randomly selects one of 4 colours per flicker
    cycle, increasing colour depth and halving lighting overhead)
    -Doors can no longer be 'grabbed'
    -added 'glint' to initial key to make it easier to spot
    -added a collision volume to wall torches to make lighting easier
    -reduced wall torch count, reasons cited 'less light is scary' and 'number of dynamic lights induces lag'
    -increased intensity for burning candles (intensity will drop but not so dramatically)
    -increased intensity for zippo (illuminates a greater area but not too much)
    -Reduced candle to count to prevent player induced lag (from lighting literally every candle they come across)
    -rebaked level lighting to improve optimization
    -reduced cycle count between crowbar hits to allow it to hit more often

Previous Version Changelog:

Recently updated to v0.0.6 after a great lets play by EyeDisconnected games! check them out on Youtube!


-Updated collision on Crowbar so it doesnt get hooked on geometry

-added pointer system to indicate whether an object can be picked up/extended/interacted with

-updated attenuation and intensity on wall torches to make them illuminate a greater area, additionally did so with the lighter

-lighter no longer gets dropped when lighting candles

-added additional torches to the lower levels

-changed the held item location, brought it closer to player and offset to the right to make it easier to see what you are doing while holding larger items.


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Development log


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Gave it a go...

holy fuck dude i loved your lets play! It was legit hilarious! It was great seeing all the mechanics work as intended, that part when you got to the bottom and reset rather than use the boxes to get back up for the crowbaw was great! Im glad the lighting mechanic came off as intended! I recently posted a v0.0.8update with a new starting puzzle. The lack of direction and story was very intentional so i appreciate you didnt like that aspect but that was largely the point. Basically the father of the child left her unattended and she burned, the mother hung herself as a result, tortured by guilt he goes insane and tries to kill himself, burning the doll is symbolic of coming to terms with that, then in the latest updatw you cut down the mothers hanging body to get a key, accepting ur fault in that too, then you can proceed into the darkest part of your mind, where you buried the memory of burying her body in the basement to avoid being blamed and declaring her missing, leading to the mother killing herself from grief. Your bring the doll up and symbolically lay it to rest. The new update does add a lot to the story in terms of visual clues but i dont want to outright spell it out to the player, i want them to create theories from visual clues dark souls style! I had a great time watching your video, def a like and sub from me and i will take on board some of the aspects you felt needed improvement, but i will say check out the latest version for some big changed to the early game sections.

Ah, that story makes sense now that you explain it. Thanks so much for clearing that up for me!

Yes M8 lovin the new optimisation, even my crappy lappy was able to run smooth gameplay without having to dumb down the settings. lighting is even better now theres less of it u have to rely on yourself a little bit more and creates that little bit more trepidation before you walk through a door. excellent bit of work here Munky keep em coming :-) looking forward to more :-)

well i took the light off the tick and put it onto its own timers now, Im not sure if its 'better' so let me know!

It's fun. Btw you can get stuck and sort of see trough the walls for example on top of windows and doors.

Ahh thanks for letting me know! I just posted the v0.0.8 update but I Need to get back to my main project soon, I'll keep that in mind if theres ever a v0.0.9. Thanks for playing!

horrerbeal get it it sucks butt


The new optimisations made it possible for me to be able to play the game on Ultra (i had the minimum recommended settings). I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this amazing game even though it scared the hell outta me! Keep up the hard work Sir Grumps :D

aww thank you! <3

really had fun playing through this, i like games that allow you to piece together the story yourself. also the atmospherics are really well thought out too. the edgy sound fx and really cool shadow fx make for a really fun playthrough LOVE IT :)

Thanks! Always nice to know the concept comes across as intended on the other end!

Cool game. I had some issues with the lighting. If you light to many things at once it starts to lag really bad. I also may have also opened the first locked door the unintended way, but i'm not sure.

Yeah, I Used a few too many lights and some of them even have two lights in each to give orange and yellow hues! I kind of just pushed my system to the limits as an experiment with just how much stress i can put on Unreals lighting engine without really optimizing anything. thanks for the feedback! I'll check out the video and take a look! thanks a lot for playing and commenting! I might go back to it later on but i have a bigger project and this was just a sort of 'fun, play around, let off some steam' project, so who knows. I would like to make it slightly longer which would require optimizing the lighting but we shall see!

Hey great game man i had a lot of fun

hi thanks for the comment, as far as i know your the first person who i didnt already know, to play anything ive made, so the fact a game so short and rushed got a positive first response means a lot to me! Thank you :) gonna go watch the video u included now! XD. If u have any thoughts on things i could have done better let me know.